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The annual ICChange Gala is a yearly event held in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where we celebrate the commitment to sustainable global development shared with our partners, investors, friends, and broader community. Every year, we strive to showcase a distinct aspect of our work with unique theme that aligns our thinking towards specific goals for the future.

Every year, we welcome attendees to enjoy fine dining, networking, and interactive exhibits that expand the horizons of their understanding of global aid and developemnt.

Contributing to the ICChange Gala

We are always planning ahead and ready to partner with interested parties on upcoming or near-future iterations of the ICChange Gala.


Financial sponsorships with organizations that share our vision will be met with advertising and networking opportunities with the ICChange network.

Auction Donation

In-kind donations of items or experiences are welcomed to our silent and live auctions.


Do your interests align with ours such that you would want to co-deliver a keynote address or co-create an interactive exhibit? We look forward to building together.

To request a sponsorship package or inquire about donation and partnership opportunities, please contact Dr. Christine Li at

Previous ICChange Galas

The 6th Annual

ICChange - white with red maple leaf.png



Friday September 20th, 2024 | Edmonton Convention Center

The theme for the 6th annual ICChange gala event is Clear Waters, Clear Futures. Water insecurity is a worldwide issue ongoing despite years of attention by the global health establishment. Our social enterprise, CeraMaji, has innovated the field with a fresh perspective on low-cost water filtration technology and creative business models. Our work on water security has shown us how it is a barometer for the health of the world, having substantial consequences on economic disparity, climate deterioration, and healthcare inequality. Just as perspective has allowed our work to flow into new areas, allow us to broaden your perspectives on these complex, interconnected issues and how to address them.

The 5th Annual




September 15, 2023 | Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton

The theme for the 2023 ICChange Gala was Renewing the Future. With the world facing increasingly complex challenges, such climate change, rising disparity, accessing healthcare, and food insecurity, new perspectives and approaches are crucially needed to address these challenges. ICChange focuses on creating and implementing system level solutions, embracing complexity, leveraging collaboration and innovation to create a better tomorrow.  

The event showcased ICChange’s initiatives, shared stories of impact, inspired and energized attendees to support this work and build the future we need.

The event featured a life-sized "slum house" carefully constructed by ICChange for guests to experience the living conditions of people living in urban informal settlements in Africa and Asia.

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