#MyImpact: ICChange 2016 Holiday Campaign

December 2, 2016

We are Innovative Canadians for Change


An Alberta-based not-for-profit organization, ICChange focuses on local and international initiatives that are redefining the conventional notions of development, charity, and aide. With our unique and cutting-edge approach, we have developed the principles and operating structure of a social enterprise, which has allowed us to expand our network over the past decade.


Our mission? To improve the quality of life and security of vulnerable populations worldwide by implementing successful interventions based on sustainable and scalable system-based models.


What does this mean?


This means that for over 10 years, we have dedicated our efforts to people like those in the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, the Kibera slum, where we developed and implemented a primary care focused electronic health record to improve affordable access to quality healthcare for all.


This means that we’ve worked with key partners, like the Kenya Red Cross Society, to improve the outcomes of trauma patients by creating national strategies in education, surgery, rehabilitation, and policy development in the future, while working to implement short-term solutions to improve injury care today.


This means that some of our first developments, like the Kenya Ceramic Project, is now so much more than just a project. It means that lessons we learned in supplying hundreds of families with access to clean water has helped us to widen that impact.


Diarrheal disease is one of the leading causes of death for children under the age of the five in rural Kenya, and it’s highly preventable. By producing inexpensive, efficient, and locally-sourced ceramic water filters, we have been able to provide impoverished communities with a point-of-use water filter that costs less than the treatment of the diseases it prevents.


Once located in Western rural Kenya, our factory is now growing in size and relocating near Nairobi to allow better manufacturing and distribution of our health product to those who need it most.


From December 1st to December 31st, help us to raise our goal of $5000 


… to help build the core of our factory: the kiln. This is where our clay “pots” are transformed into clay filters, burning away particles to add sieve-like properties while hardening the filter’s shape. The result? A sturdy filter than can now remove disease-causing bacteria and save millions of lives.


For just $25, you can buy a “brick”


… which will contribute to the walls of this kiln. If just 200 people buy a single brick each, we can fulfill our holiday goal of getting that much closer to a new water filter factory.


Throughout this campaign we will be reaching out to YOU to share how you’ve created change: paying it forward through purchasing someone’s coffee, or saying hello to a stranger, helping a friend move or even donating to our campaign, whatever that act of kindness is, we want to hear from you. Connect with us on Twitter @ICChangeAB and use the hashtag #MyImpact. Let’s start the ICChange movement and make this month a great way to end the year.


I See Change – do you?


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