ICChange Method

1. Need identification

ICChange develops models of sustainability in response to an expressed or an identified need.
To understand this need, a disciplined and thorough assessment of the root cause of the problem is undertaken by looking at the system, cultural, environmental, economic, and geopolitical factors and working closely with local partners, spending time on the ground and seeking the best evidence using various sources.

2. Model development

ICChange leverages and manages global talent to develop a model/technology/innovation to address the need.
By adhering to its core values and using system thinking, agile management, disruptive innovation design and social entrepreneurship, it develops a model for a sustainable impact. These models are centered around a hypothesis to be evaluated with a clear definition of success.

Method Diagram

3. Evaluation through implementation

Working closely with stakeholders and partners, ICChange implements a pilot program in a carefully selected setting. It aims to minimize its organizational footprint and continues to leverage its network of talent to fine-tune the model towards sustainability.

4. Monitoring and Evaluation

ICChange maintains a rigorous and transparent longitudinal process to assess and guide the implementation and shape the model development. This process helps identify areas of deficiencies/strengths and allows the implementation to continue to adhere to the core values of principles that ICChange operates by.

5. Scale up to sustainability

ICChange works closely with and supports its partners to realize the model and reach a sustainable implementation. Through a clear understanding of the need and with partnerships and support mechanisms, ICChange is able to apply social entrepreneurship principles to take a model from implementation to sustainability.

6. Developing competency/sharing lessons

ICChange learns from both the success and failures and shares these widely for greater impact and innovation. The lessons learned allow ICChange to gain competencies in these fields and may become an area that it can engage other groups and help create mentorship and consultancy opportunities for ICChange. This allows ICChange to act as a global knowledge network that seeks to sustainably develop, enhance, and share truly impactful ideas.