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resources and network, built from the ground up

We offer advisory services to groups undertaking bold, adventurous, and difficult initiatives aimed at protecting or improving social good and health equity


Built on prior experience, mistakes, and learnings gained from our Innovation Lab portfolio, we offer data-driven, real-world expertise in several key sectors. 

Disruptive Technology & Automation

Health Information Technology

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene

Systems Design

Agro-business and Food Security

Urban Development

Leverage diverse talent and

global expertise for transformative results

If you're facing complex issues standing between your projectand achieving the social change you set out to do, ICChange can deploy its highly skilled and motivated talent to understand your challenge down to the roots and create sustainable, feasible solutions that make sense for your needs and setting. 


We are ready to help our clients reach ambitious goals and overcome tough obstacles through our collection of service lines, each supported by subject matter experts.

Startup & Venture Scale-up

Contract Research

Skills Training Programs

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For social entrepreneurs facing roadblocks, our expertise and mentorship can accelerate your business to reach the milestones you want to see.



Board & Executive Mentorship

ICChange can provide trusted professionals from it's network to temporarily join an organization to provide pinpoint, tailored advising.

Education Program Development


Product Design and Prototyping


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ICChange is a global, collaborative social enterprise that develops, then implements sustainable and scalable solutions that positively impact the security and well-being

of those who need it most.

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