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August 10, 2015
Blitz Karma

Group shot of the Blitz Karma Classes

We are thrilled to be partnering with Blitz Conditioning for this year’s 8th Annual Kenya Run for Water! Blitz Conditioning (Blitz) is certainly putting muscle in the community in more ways than one. This community-oriented workout facility provides a range of results-driven programs; from personal training to energy-packed group classes, all while connecting clients with larger communities of fitness. Not only do they provide an inclusive environment that allows individuals of all fitness levels achieve their goals, they are giving back to their community and making an impact. Blitz supports charitable organizations through their by-donation Karma High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes held at 6:00 pm each Friday, donating all proceeds to a selected charity. Over the next few months, donations from Blitz’s Karma HIIT classes are going to support ICChange’s Kenya Ceramic Project/CeraMaji, which works to address the challenge of accessing clean drinking throughout Kenya and other East African countries. We couldn’t be more excited to join forces with Blitz!

The enthusiastic front-man of these action-packed Karma classes is Chris Tse, co-owner of Blitz Conditioning. We had a chance to sit down with Chris and learn more about this innovative company, its commitment to corporate social responsibility and their partnership with ICChange.

Q: What sets Blitz apart from other fitness companies in Edmonton?

A: I think its two things: 1) Blitz’s community-oriented approach. For us, it’s about intersecting into our clients’ communities. We want to create a place where everyone feels welcome and free to hang out after a class. We care about our clients.

2) We are not focused on a client’s numeric goals (losing x number of pounds). That doesn’t matter as much as that client’s experience at the gym. We don’t design our classes for weight loss, but more for the adoption of a healthy lifestyle. Through that, they end up meeting their goals.

Q: Tell us about the Karma Class. What drove Blitz to choose ICChange as their charity of choice over the next few months?

A: We pick a charity each quarter, so every 3-4 months. Really, my intent was to create a more stable way of raising funds for charitable causes. For us, it’s only a couple hours volunteering our time and it helps a charity out. I’ve also always wanted to choose an international charity with a locally-grown feeling. The sustainability aspect of what ICChange does as well as the entrepreneurial aspect drew me to the organization. Also, it’s aligned with health and wellness and that spoke volumes. ICChange’s messaging is very clear.

Q: Why is Blitz so passionate about giving back to the community?

A: It’s how we grew up. Brett and myself grew up in situations where we needed community support and so from our side of things, we feel almost an obligation to give back to the community (internally in Blitz and in the greater community).

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the 8th Annual Kenya Run for Water?

A: Apart from running the warm up, I think the engagement from our audience is something I really enjoy. Also, the diversity at this race is more pronounced than any other I’ve worked with. It draws a lot of professionals and people who understand why they are there and what cause they are supporting.

Thank you Chris Tse, Brett, Erika and the entire Blitz team for helping us to continue making an impact!



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