ICChange, Do You?

More than an organization or a network, Innovative Canadians for Change is a movement. It represents a shared vision; a way of thinking; a way of living and acting in a global community.

This “change” starts with the change in you. The change you experience as you gain an awareness of your own abilities and choose to use your time, your voice, your talent, and your energy to positively impact the world. ICChange seeks to use this change to build innovative models and systems with partners in vulnerable communities. This is the kind of change that changes the world.

By curating talent from individuals and groups from around the world, ICChange is able to work with these motivated, engaged, and like-minded people to address some of the most complex local and global problems.

If this speaks to you, we want to hear from you. The knowledge and skills you have can make a real impact. Join our team.

ICChange. Do you?

Core Principles/Values

Do No Harm

Just like medicine, the world of international development is fraught with pitfalls, where unintended negative consequences can have devastating effects. As an organization, we make every effort to avoid harmful outcomes by keeping the non-maleficence principle at the forefront of all we do and designing our models and projects to mitigate them.


ICChange believes that any worthwhile change needs to start from within. For that reason, our initiatives are always developed in response to an expressed or identified need. Our organizational agility also allows ICChange’s projects to be responsive to the changing needs of the community.


In addition to being responsive, change needs to last. From the outset, ICChange’s projects are designed with the ultimate goal of self-sustainability in mind. This is often achieved by local stakeholder adoption of initiatives.


The path to sustainability is paved through trial and error. ICChange seeks to be transparent with both its successes and its failures, in the hope that other groups and organizations can benefit from the lessons we have learned along the way.


Collaboration with both the local community and other organizations is an important part of successful implementation. Rather than fostering a culture of isolation and proprietary development, ICChange works to collaborate with many different partners on all initiatives.


As ICChange continues to grow and expand its organizational expertise, mentoring other innovative and entrepreneurial minds becomes a key component to empowering more change.

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How is ICChange different?

ICChange is about more than just the initiatives it undertakes, it is about the models that make them successful.

ICChange develops replicable and scalable models in response to an expressed or identified need to impart momentum that leads to lasting change.

ICChange understands that complex challenges need system based thinking and solutions.

ICChange drives the development of innovations by incorporating a unique blend of system thinking, disruptive innovation, agile management, local partners and stakeholders, do-no-harm principles, sustainability strategies, and crowd-sourced global talent.

ICChange believes sustainability comes from a fresh perspective, using system thinking approaches, and combining social entrepreneurship and development principles for local ownership and sustainability.

ICChange is committed to developing competencies through monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of these innovative models to create avenues for mentorship, sharing lessons and creating consultancy services to grow its impact.