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The 6th Annual

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Friday September 20th, 2024 | Edmonton Convention Center

You are cordially invited to the 6th Annual Innovative Canadians for Change (ICChange) Gala. ICChange is a non-profit headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada aimed at improving the quality of life of vulnerable populations. ICChange develops and empowers solutions to the world's complex issues of wellness, poverty, and sustainable development. We are elated to invite you to enjoy an evening of fine dining, live entertainment and networking with like-minded professionals, philanthropists, and business leaders. ​Funds raised will support a booming year of accelerating and scaling our work in diverse but interconnected sectors.


The theme for this year's gala event is Clear Waters, Clear Futures. Water insecurity is a worldwide issue ongoing despite years of attention by the global health establishment. Our social enterprise, CeraMaji, has innovated the field with a fresh perspective on low-cost water filtration technology and creative business models. Our work on water security has shown us how it is a barometer for the health of the world, having substantial consequences on economic disparity, climate deterioration, and healthcare inequality. Just as perspective has allowed our work to flow into new areas, allow us to broaden your perspectives on these complex, interconnected issues and how to address them.



Addressing water insecurity, CeraMaji is an ICChange-driven social enterprise that manufactures ultra-low-cost ceramic, point-of-use water filters that can support a small family for up to 3 years. A unique gain-sharing franchise model empowers local community members as entrepreneurs that generate an income by selling filters in their own communities. CeraMaji reduces direct and indirect healthcare expenditures, use of dirty fuels, and the opportunity cost of water-fetching that precludes women and youth from education and generating wealth.

Oxygen Labs

Healthcare delivery in low-resource environments is often limited by the availability and cost of other resources. Solar Oxygen Labs has implemented solar-powered oxygen concentrators into 25 healthcare facilities across East Africa to provide a renewable, low-cost solution to energy insecurity that limits continuous supplemental oxygen therapy.


No innovation can take off without infrastructure and support to support it. The Kenya Innovative Manufacturing Space and Social Entrepreneurship Academy (KIMSSEA) is an ICChange-driven two-part manufacturing and distribution facility as well as a leadership/entrepreneurship training program, with the goal of accelerating under-recognized innovators from disadvantaged backgrounds to launch and scale social enterprises to serve their own communities


More than one in five Albertan households experience food insecurity. We are transforming food production and preparation from liabilities into opportunities by building micro-credentials into our food production and preparation. We see a future where those who suffer from food insecurity are empowered to participate in the food system while also building economically gainful skills at the same time.  


The management of traumatic injury necessitates an organized supply chain of pre-hospital, hospital, and post-hospital care to adequately treat critically injured patients. The Kenya Trauma and Injury Program (KTIP) is an ICChange-driven framework employed by the Kenyan Ministry of Health in their nationwide healthcare policy to manage and mitigate their high rates of traumatic injury.


Developed health systems operate as an interconnected web of generalist and specialist care with referral networks and information sharing that shunt patients to the appropriate sites and levels of care. When health systems lack these features, the the financial and time costs of healthcare are immense and patient care suffers. The Kibera Medical Records Initiative (KMRI) developed and implemented a cloud based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system and introduced a unique identifier for a disjointed landscape of health clinics in Kibera, the largest slum in Africa.


In case you missed last year...

The 5th Annual




September 15, 2023 | Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton

The theme for last year's event was Renewing the Future. The world is facing increasingly complex challenges, from climate change to rising disparity, accessing healthcare to food insecurity. New perspectives and approaches are crucially needed to address these challenges. ICChange focuses on creating and implementing system level solutions, embracing complexity, leveraging collaboration and innovation to create a better tomorrow.  

This year's event showcased ICChange’s initiatives, shared stories of impact, inspired and energized attendees to support this work and build the future we need.

The event featured a life-sized "slum house" carefully constructed by ICChange for guests to experience the living conditions of people living in urban informal settlements in Africa and Asia.


2024 Gala Sponsors


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Consider partnering with us to see clearly the bright future ahead. Sponsors of the event will be recognized through acknowledgments, web marketing, on-site signage, and opportunities to speak at the event. We will also make every effort to facilitate networking opportunities for our sponsors. 

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